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Slow file transfers

Several factors outside of the control of the SmartFTP program determine the file transfer rate: the Internet connection type, the Internet traffic, the server traffic, the network traffic on the ISP that is hosting the server etc. Nevertheless, you can try the following things in order to improve slow transfers.

  • Test Maximum Connection Speed
    It is important that you test your connection speed since it has the highest influence on transfer speeds. You can test your connection speed, tweak it, and get additional help on the following sites:
  • Turn on Mode Z Compression
    Mode Z compresses files on the fly as they are being transferred, saving bandwidth and improving transfer time. The server needs to support Mode Z nevertheless. For further information please refer to the following knowledge base article:
    KB: MODE Z / zlib
  • Fine tune the Receive and Send Buffer sizes
    In some cases changing these transfer buffer sizes can make a difference; in particular in transfers over high loss, high speed connections where latency plays an important role. For more information on Buffer Sizes and how to change them refer to the following knowledge base article
    KB: How To change Transfer Buffer Sizes

Note: Please keep in mind that the most determining factor is the connection speed. Tuning the Buffer sizes and turning on the Mode Z will have a minimal effect on transfer speed.

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