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How To setup the KeePassFile credential provider

Initial Setup

  1. In SmartFTP go to the main menu: File - Settings.
  2. Go to the Credential Providers settings dialog
  3. Select KeePassFile from the list and click on Properties
  4. Select the .kdbx file
  5. Enter the password (optional)
  6. Click OK to save the changes
  7. Click the Test button
  8. KeePass is showing an authentication prompt. Click on Yes to allow the client to access the KeePass store.
  9. The test in SmartFTP will now successfully complete

Setup Favorite to use KeePassFile provider

  1. Go to the Favorite Properties (Tab: Tools, click on Favorite Properties or in the quick connect dialog: File - Connection)
  2. In the General dialog, select KeePassFile for the Provider
  3. To use an existing KeePass entry, click on the ... button.
    If no existing entry is selected, a new entry will be created on the next login attempt.
  4. Click OK to save the changes
  5. Connect to the Favorite

The KeePass feature in SmartFTP requires the Ultimate or Enterprise Edition .

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