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Importing FireFTP sites

SmartFTP can import FireFTP sites (fireFTPsites.dat) which have been exported from FireFTP.

Step 1 - Export FireFTP sites in FireFTP

  1. Export the sites from FireFTP:
    The FireFTP plugin is only working up to version 56 of FireFox. If you have already upgraded to the latest version of FireFox, downgrade to an old version: Old versions of FireFox
    Tip: Disable the automatic updates in the FireFox settings.
  2. In the FireFTP plugin, go to the Tools menu and select Export...
  3. Click Save in the file save dialog
  4. Important: In the Password dialog, leave the password input field empty
  5. Click OK

Step 2 - Import FireFTP sites in SmartFTP

  1. In SmartFTP, select the Tools tab
  2. In the Favorites group, click on Edit.
  3. The Favorites window appears.
  4. Select the Tools tab.
  5. Click on Import.
  6. In the Import window under Source, click on the drop down list and select FireFTP.
  7. On the next row of the Source section, click on the icon and select the fireFTPSites.dat file.
  8. Under Destination click on the Select Folder icon and select the location where you want the imported favorites to be saved to.
  9. Click OK

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