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The message received was unexpected or badly formatted


The message received was unexpected or badly formatted.



This error happens during the TLS protocol negotiation with the server.

Possible causes:

  1. The server only supports an insecure protocol (SSL 3.0)
  2. The server uses TLS 1.2 but only supports insecure cipher suites. E.g. DHE-RSA-AES256-SHA256 (Uses DH 1024-bit key exchange. See Logjam attack).
  3. The server uses a ECDSA certificate with a secp521r1 curve. Schannel on Windows 10 no longer supports secp521r1.
    For example, older versions of glftpd have generated a default certificate with this curve. 


  • For cause 1 and 2
    Contact the server administrator and request an upgrade of the server software.
    Enable weak and insecure ciphers on your system. We strongly recommend against this option.
  • For cause 3
    Generate a new certificate on the server using a curve different than secp521r1. E.g. secp384r1, secp256r1 or x25519.

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