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SMTP settings for popular email services

Use the following configurations for the SMTP Settings for popular email services:

Provider Host Protocol Port Authentication Username
AT&T SMTPS 465 Auto email
Comcast / Xfinity STARTTLS 587 Auto email
Fastmail SMTPS 465 Auto email
Important: SMTP needs its own app password. See App passwords
Gmail SMTPS 465 OAuth2 SMTPS 465 OAuth2 / Auto email
Important: Use the password for "Passwords for external applications" which you can set in the Security Settings STARTTLS 587 OAuth2 email
Microsoft 365 STARTTLS 587 OAuth2 email
Purelymail SMTPS 465 Auto email SMTPS 465 Auto email
Yahoo Mail SMTPS 465 Auto email
Yahoo Mail Plus SMTPS 465 Auto email
Yahoo UK SMTPS 465 Auto email
Yandex SMTPS 465 OAuth2 email
Important: The "From the server via IMAP" setting must be enabled in Mail → All settings → Email clients.
Zoho Personal SMTPS 465 Auto email
Zoho Organization SMTPS 465 Auto email



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  3. Yandex - Other mail clients
  4. Yandex - Configure send-only SMTP
  6. Microsoft 365
  7. Zoho
  8. How to Set Up Your Comcast Email Address with an Email Program
  9. Fastmail
  10. Purelymail
  11. RFC 8314
  12. Today, port 465 is preferred.

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