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Auto Rename Rules


The auto rename feature allows renaming of files and folders according to user defined rules.



If the input equals the Search value, then the Output is the Replace value.


Search Replace Input Output
test new test new


The input is being matched against the search value. If there is a match the replace value acts as a template to generate the output value.
The following wild-char or meta characters are defined and can be used in the search and replace value:

  • * matches any character string (sequence of characters)
  • ? matches any single character


Search Replace Input Output
*.htm *.html index.htm a.html
X*Y*Z AA*BB*CC X1stY2ndZ AAFirstBBSecondCC
file?.txt ?file.txt file1.txt 1file.txt
*exp?sin tra?la* 94expXsin tralXla94


Use regular expressions. Use $1, $2, etc in the replacement string for the sub-matches.


Search Replace Input Output
test([0-9]+).html test-$1.html test345.html test-345.html


The scope value defines the range in which the rule applies.

File Applies to files only
Folder Applies to folders only
Any File or Folder


No Case. case insensitive.

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