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Article 63

Restart Interrupted transfers.

Some FTP servers allow clients to restart transfers that have failed or been interrupted due to a lost connection, cancellations, etc. (many Microsoft FTP servers do not allow restart operations nevertheless). To take advantage of this option, you can set your retry delay to about 120 seconds. Then, the next time you get a failed transfer SmartFTP will try to restart the transfer when you reconnect to the same FTP site. (Note that SmartFTP does not automatically attempt to reconnect to the FTP site on its own; the FTP site must support the restart feature in order for this to work.) SmartFTP restarts the transfer at the point where the transfer failed or was interrupted, if possible. Otherwise, it starts from the beginning. If you choose not to restart the transfer, you will be left with a partial file (from the interrupted transfer) in the destination folder. You should delete this file.


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