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Setup SmartFTP service

The SmartFTP service is required to run scheduled tasks in the background session (session 0).

To setup the service, a Local Administrator is required and the user under which the service is running requires the Log on as service user right.

Method 1 using SmartFTP UI (recommended

  1. Go to the menu: File - Settings
  2. Go to the Scheduler dialog
  3. Click on Create SmartFTP Service
  4. If you see a UAC prompt, enter the username and password of an Administrator account
  5. In the Create Service dialog, enter the password of the current user account. This is the user the service logs on.
  6. Click Start to start the service

Method 2 using the Command Line

Only use this method if no user interface is available. E.g. on Windows Server Core.

  1. Open a Command Prompt (cmd.exe) and Run as administrator.
  2. Replace user and password.
    set USER=user
    set PASSWORD=password
    sc create SmartFTP_%USER% binPath= "C:\Program Files\SmartFTP Client\SmartFTPService.exe" start= delayed-auto DisplayName= "SmartFTP Service (%USER%)" obj= ".\%USER%" password= "%PASSWORD%"
    sc failure SmartFTP_%USER% reset= INFINITE actions= restart/60000
    sc description SmartFTP_%USER% "Allows file transfers to be run in the background."
  3. Start the service
    sc start SmartFTP_%USER%
  4. Optional: Grant the user permissions to query/start/stop the service.
    To get the SID of the user
    wmic useraccount where name="%USER%" get sid
    or of the current user:
    whoami /user
    and note the SID
  5. Replace the SID from above and type:

service scheduler

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