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Class is not licensed for use


You get the following error when you run a scheduled task:

Class is not licensed for use (0x80040112)


The error occurs when the license check fails. This can happen under several circumstances:

  • SmartFTP runs under a different user than the one that was used when SmartFTP was activated with the serial
  • SmartFTP is unable to reach the activation server


  • Configure and run the scheduled task under the exact same user as the one you are running SmartFTP.
  • Do NOT check the [ ] Run with highest privileges option in the task properties
  • Do NOT run SmartFTP as Administrator
  • After you have applied the serial, open the Windows Task Manager (taskmgr.exe) and kill the background SmartFTP.exe instances.
  • Make sure that SmartFTP is able to reach the activation server at Host: Protocol: HTTPS Port: 443


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