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Connection limited reached.


Connection limited reached.


It means that you have reached the number of concurrent connections to the server. 


Decrease the number of connections

  • Close all Remote Browsers.
    Menu: Window - Close All
    Close SmartFTP
    Wait some time (for example 1 minute)
    Start SmartFTP
  • Decrease the number of workers in the Transfer Queue (bottom window) to 1. 
  • Disable Background Transfers
    Go to the Favorite Properties (KB: How to edit the favorite settings)
    Go to the Transfer dialog 
    Uncheck the Background Transfers checkbox

Increase the connection limit

  • Contact your web hosting provider or the system administrator of the server and ask them to increase your connection limit. If you are using a free web hosting provider the one connection limitation is usually intentionally in place to encourage you to upgrade to their paid hosting plans.

limit too many connections

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