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On Queue Complete

SmartFTP has a wide selection of On Queue Complete actions that provide some flexibility when the user is not present when all the items from the Transfer Queue have completed transferring. When file transferring completes SmartFTP automatically performs the user specified On Queue Complete action.

To access the "On Queue Complete" settings:

  1. Select File - Settings from the SmartFTP menu. The Settings window appears.
  2. From the Settings window select Queue. You can select the action to be performed from the On Queue Complete list.

Alternatively use the "On Queue Complete" button on the Transfer Queue toolbar.

On Queue Complete Tasks

Idle No action is taken
Stop Queue Stops the Transfer Queue
Close Application Closes the SmartFTP aplication
Lock Workstation Locks your workstation
Log Off Closes your programs und ends your Windows session
Hibernate Sets your computer to hibernate mode
Turn Off Computer Shuts down your computer so that you can safely turn off the computer
Stand By Puts your computer in a low-power state

queue complete

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