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How To make a secure connection

Protocol Summary

FTP No secure connection.
Explicit security requires that the FTP client issues a specific command to the FTP server after establishing a connection to establish the SSL link. The default FTP server port is used. This formal method is documented in RFC 2228.
Wikipedia: FTPS

Implicit security is a mechanism by which security is automatically turned on as soon as the FTP client makes a connection to an FTP server. In this case, the FTP server defines a specific port for the client (990) to be used for secure connections.
Wikipedia: FTPS

Note: Implicit is deprecated. 

SFTP over SSH 

Wikipedia: SSH file transfer protocol

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a protocol for transmitting data between a client and a server  via the Internet that uses a cryptographic system designed to prevent eavesdropping, tampering and message forgery that might occur during a regular FTP transfer.

How To select the Protocol

To create a secure connection you have the following options:

Quick Connect

  1. In the menu select File - New Connection
  2. Select the protocol from the Protocol selection

From a Favorite

  1. Select Favorites - Edit Favorites from the menu. The Favorites Browser appears.
  2. From the Favorites Browser window select the Favorite to be used. Right-click on the Favorite and select Properties from the context menu. The Properties dialog appears.
  3. Select General. In the the General dialog change the Protocol.

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