Превключване от FFFTP


  • По-бърз трансфер
    Ever wondered why your transfers are so slow? SmartFTP is up to 200% faster than FFFTP.
  • Secure Transfers
    Unlike FFFTP SmartFTP transfer your files over a secure connection.
  • Japanese Language
    SmartFTP is available in Japanese and has no problems handling Japanese file and directory names.
  • Modern User Interface
    Modern and fully customizable interface. Arrange everything how you want it.

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Инсталиране и внос

  1. Download and Install SmartFTP
  2. Install the Japanese Language Addon (menu: Tools->Settings, Interface->Language)
  3. Start SmartFTP
  4. Go to main menu: Favorites->Edit Favorites
  5. In the Favorites window go to menu: Tools -> Import
  6. Select FFFTP (Registry) from the combo box
    FFFTP Import
  7. Click OK
  8. All sites including the password are imported
  9. Click on a newly imported favorite to connect to the server