The SmartFTP Client Software Development Kit (SDK) offers you the ability to extend SmartFTP and it allows you to automate SmartFTP. The objects are accessible through COM interfaces.

Provided Samples

The following samples are included in the SDK:

Трансферна опашка

Add Items to Transfer Queue

Creates new items and adds them to the transfer queue in a running instance of SmartFTP.
Местоположение: Samples\TransferQueue\AddToQueue
Местоположение: Samples\TransferQueue\AddItemToQueue

Transfer Queue Plugin

Sample plugin in C++
Местоположение: Samples\TransferQueue\SamplePlugin


Transfer Statistics

Polls SmartFTP for the current upload and download rate and writes the data to a csv file.
Местоположение: Samples\TransferQueue\Performance Counter

Transfer Statistics using RRDtool

Uses RRDtool to generate transfer statistics.
Местоположение: Samples\SmartFTP\rrdtool


Some ideas of applications and plugins that can be created using the SDK.


  • Import Favorites/Sites from other applications/database to SmartFTP.
  • Export favorites to a database

Трансферна опашка

  • Fill transfer queue with items from a database, text file or RSS feed.
  • Create application which uses transfer queue to automate transfers.
  • Run commands, update a file, write a log or notify users after a transfer queue item has been processed.


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