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SmartFTP Client

Версия 9.0.2848 (Все още не е освободен)

    Версия 9.0.2841

    • Local Browser: Added support for shell: namespace. E.g. shell:favorites
    • Transfer Queue: Added Open Source Folder and Open Destination Folder to context menu
    • FTP: Added support for HASH response as specified in draft-ietf-ftpext2-hash-03 / draft-bryan-ftpext-hash-02

    Версия 9.0.2839

    • Updated Scintilla to version 5.0
    • Improved Custom Commands editor

    Версия 9.0.2836

    • The recently used download folders can now be removed/renamed in the Settings - Quick Folders dialog.

    Версия 9.0.2835

    • Added new "Show recently used download folders in UI" setting to the Settings - Quick Folders dialog.
    • The Windows “Show frequently used folders in Quick Access” setting is respected now.

    Версия 9.0.2833

    • UI: Improved accessibility
    • UI: Added "Reopen closed tab" functionality. Also accessible with the global key shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+T)

    Версия 9.0.2831

    • UI: Added tab/panes selector, use Ctrl+Tab

    Версия 9.0.2828

    • Updated German translation
    • UI: Improved Statistics popup

    Версия 9.0.2818

    • UI: Reduced total memory usage by over 10%

    Версия 9.0.2810

    • UI: Improved startup time

    Версия 9.0.2805

    • UI: Improved keyboard handling
    • Support for Windows 10 Version 20H2

    Версия 9.0.2799

    • UI: Significantly reduced GDI handle usage.

    Версия 9.0.2795

    • FTP: Removed support for UPnP, NetSharing manager which was only used for the deprecated active mode (PORT).

    Версия 9.0.2794

    • TLS 1.3 is now supported on Windows 10 Insider builds, starting with Build 20170

    Версия 9.0.2782

    • Terminal: New window-less frontend
    • OpenPGP Decrypt Plugin: Added new "Use strong cryptography" option.

    Версия 9.0.2780

    • SSH: Added support for SSH authentication agent (OpenSSH for Windows, KeeAgent)

    Версия 9.0.2773

    • Google Drive: Added "Shared with me" virtual folder

    Версия 9.0.2768

    • SmartFTP uses Segment Heap on Windows 10 Version 2004 or newer.

    Версия 9.0.2766

    • Internal: Completely removed MFC dependency

    Версия 9.0.2759

    • UI: Added function to add commands from the application menu to the Quick Access toolbar
    • Setup: The setup for the 64-bit version comes with a 64-bit setup.

    Версия 9.0.2751

    • SSH: Removed proprietary curve25519 and ed25519 implementation

    Версия 9.0.2750

    • Support for Windows 10 Version 2004

    Версия 9.0.2746

    • UI: Improved accessibility in text editor

    Версия 9.0.2745

    • UI: More accessibility improvements

    Версия 9.0.2742

    • Bitwarden CLI version 1.9 and newer is required now
    • UI: Replaced common controls list-view with new DUI based list-view implementation.
    • The text editor is now long path aware

    Версия 9.0.2737

    • UI: Improved accessibility
    • SSH: Always use bcrypt (instead of openssl) for DH key exchange

    Версия 9.0.2733

    • Happy new year. All legacy Home edition licenses have been upgraded to the Professional edition at no charge.

    Версия 9.0.2731

    • UI: Improved multi monitor support
    • S3: Improved interoperability with 3rd party S3-compatible object store providers

    Версия 9.0.2725

    • UI: New DUI based implementation of text editor frame.

    Версия 9.0.2717

    • UI: Adds ability to customize (pin/unpin commands) simplified ribbon.

    Версия 9.0.2708

    • New simplified ribbon (optional)

    Версия 9.0.2707

    • Bitwarden: Adds support for two-factor authorization (2FA)
    • Support for Windows 10 Version 1909

    Версия 9.0.2706

    • Bitwarden CLI version 1.8 and newer is required now

    Версия 9.0.2705

    • Adds new "New - Folder (prompt for name)" context menu command in Remote Browser which prompts for the folder name before a folder is created.
    • S3: Adds support for additional storage classes

    Версия 9.0.2703

    • Addressed problems with browser panes (e.g. navigation) in Windows 10 Version 1903 or higher.

    Версия 9.0.2694

    • Backblaze B2: Adds support for application keys limited to a specific bucket

    Версия 9.0.2673

    • Backblaze B2: Added support to move/rename and copy files.

    Версия 9.0.2671

    • SSH: Restored support for insecure DSA keys.

    Версия 9.0.2669

    • Adds support for Bitwarden password management service

    Версия 9.0.2667

    • Internal: Ported GDI+ code to Direct2D. Removed GDI+ dependency.
    • Internal: Use SVG parser and renderer from Direct2D when available (Windows 10 Creators Update).
    • UI: Browser: Added drag&drop support to breadcrumb bar.
    • Favorites: WinSCP site importer understands UTF-8 now.
    • FTP: Improved file exist check with servers not supporting modern commands like MLST (e.g. Microsoft's IIS FTP).
    • SSH: Added support for host key rotation extension "hostkeys-00@openssh.com"

    Версия 9.0.2659

    • Updated Scintilla to version 4.1.5

    Версия 9.0.2656

    • Support for Windows 10 Version 1903

    Версия 9.0.2647

    • UI: New docking pane implementation.

    Версия 9.0.2644

    • FTP/SFTP/SSH: Modernized async socket executor implementation
    • Security: Enabled additional process mitigations (DisableExtensionPoints, NoRemoteImages, NoLowMandatoryLabelImages) by default.

    Версия 9.0.2637

    • Transfer Queue: Improved performance when using transfer filters, rename filters, priority list or an ASCII file list.
    • Transfer Queue: The file exist action (e.g. overwrite) is only evaluated once, the first time the item is processed. This avoids repeated and possible expensive hash integrity checks, in case the transfer fails for other reasons (e.g. transfer quota exceeded).

    Версия 9.0.2635

    • SSH: Removed support for deprecated DSA client and host keys.

    Версия 9.0.2628

    • UI: New implementation for MDI tab manager
    • Updated Scintilla to version 4.1.3

    Версия 9.0.2625

    • Transfer Queue: In the General dialog, the source and destination paths are validated now
    • Updated vcredist to the latest version (14.16.27024)
    • Google Drive: Improved error handling. Rate limit errors are reported now.
    • Terminal: Optimization: Do not redraw non-visible windows
    • OneDrive: Implemented workaround for breaking change in OneDrive API

    Версия 9.0.2611

    • Support for Windows 10 Version 1809
    • UI: New ribbon implementation for main window
    • PGPDecrypt: Added support for GnuPG 2.2.10

    Версия 9.0.2609

    • 1Password: Adds support for 1Password CLI (op) version 0.5.1 and newer.

    Версия 9.0.2607

    Версия 9.0.2604

    • Replaced legacy json library with taocpp/json
    • zlib: improved deflate performance. This mainly affects compressed uploads with SSH.
    • SSH: Reduced memory allocations and copy operations

    Версия 9.0.2596

    • Preliminary support for latest Windows 10 RS5 insider build

    Версия 9.0.2580

    • Windows 10 (Version 1607 and newer): HTTP2 is enabled for all HTTP requests

    Версия 9.0.2577

    • Favorites: cPanel importer uses UAPI now
    • Windows 10: use toast notifications

    Версия 9.0.2574

    • UI: Spring cleanup: Removed light gray and dark gray color schemes.
    • OAuth: Authorization uses external browser instead of internal web control. This improves the security as the application never has access to the user credentials.
    • UI: Corrected minor UI issues.
    • UI: New ribbon implementation for favorites browser

    Версия 9.0.2562

    • Support for Windows 10 Version 1803

    Версия 9.0.2553

    • Transfer Queue: Added new "Transfers" view which shows all running transfers.
    • When the application is pinned to the taskbar, the shortcut is no longer broken after an upgrade.
    • Google Drive: Added Copy Url function for download and web view links.
    • OneDrive, Google Drive, Box: Minimized the number of requests.

    Версия 9.0.2541

    • Maintenance release
    • Transfer Queue: Replaced XML serialization with binary serialization

    Версия 9.0.2533

    • Optimization: Reduced number of requests for id based protocols (OneDrive, Box, Google Drive, B2)
    • Terminal: Removed MFC dependency
    • The command line tool AddToQueue.exe is included in the setup

    Версия 9.0.2530

    • Adds native Box cloud storage client

    Версия 9.0.2522

    • Transfers: Refactored list control

    Версия 9.0.2513

    • Adds support for 1Password online service.

    Версия 9.0.2511

    • Windows 10 (RS1): Adds support for per-monitor DPI awareness mode

    Версия 9.0.2506

    • UI: Replaced all bitmap based glyphs with freely scalable font glyphs
    • Improvements for Windows Server Core

    Версия 9.0.2498

    • UI: Improved full screen mode in terminal

    Версия 9.0.2496

    • Support for Windows 10 (Version 1709) aka Fall Creators Update

    Версия 9.0.2491

    • Terminal: Improved drawing of Unicode symbols
    • Favorites: Removed FTP Proxy page

    Версия 9.0.2481

    • Favorites: New binary serialization format improves performance.
    • UI: New Welcome view

    Версия 9.0.2467

    • Transfer Queue: Improved error reporting for PGP Encrypt, PGP Decrypt, Post Process plugins.

    Версия 9.0.2463

    • WebDAV: Improved interoperability

    Версия 9.0.2460

    • UI: New implementation for Find&Replace

    Версия 9.0.2444

    • FTP, SFTP: UTF-8 is the default fallback character encoding now.
    • UI: Improved auto suggest in history combo box

    Версия 9.0.2440

    • Google Drive: Added support for Team Drives

    Версия 9.0.2430

    • Breaking change: OneDrive implementation uses new Microsoft Graph API. All OneDrive connections must be reauthorized
    • OneDrive for Business: Adds support for other Azure environments (Azure US Government, Azure Germany, Azure China)

    Версия 9.0.2426

    • Breaking change: New service is required to run background tasks. Create the service in the Settings - Scheduler dialog.

    Версия 9.0.2422

    • UI: Replaced login bar with new connection and favorite properties button
    • FTP: Improved interoperability with Box's FTP server (ftp.box.com)

    Версия 9.0.2416

    • Quality improvements

    Версия 9.0.2410

    • Support for Windows 10 (Version 1703) aka Creators Update
    • B2: Added Copy Url - HTTP context menu item to get the download url of files
    • Note: All versions before this version are incompatible with Windows 10 (Version 1703).

    Версия 8.0.2301

    • Added support for Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage

    Версия 8.0.2299

    • Transfer Queue: New Post Process plugin

    Версия 8.0.2290

    • Favorites: Refactored manager and storage

    Версия 8.0.2282

    • The single instance option is always enabled now
    • Remote Edit: Duplicate file change notifications within a time span of 250 ms are ignored now.
    • Pre-Windows 10: Added check for outdated Adobe Flash version
    • Transfer Queue: New OpenPGP encrypt and decrypt plugin

    Версия 8.0.2276

    • Transfer Queue: New data model

    Версия 8.0.2274

    • Amazon S3: dualstack (IPv4, IPv6) endpoints are used now

    Версия 8.0.2271

    • OneDrive for Business: Added support for data integrity check

    Версия 8.0.2268

    • Built with Visual Studio 2017 RC
    • UI: Improved accessibility
    • SSH: Removed insecure algorithms

    Версия 8.0.2256

    • Transfer Queue: Added per favorite Email Notifier settings
    • Transfer Queue: Removed scripting feature (ole automation)
    • Transfer Queue: Added Move Source File plugin

    Версия 8.0.2250

    • Maintenance release

    Версия 8.0.2245

    • Updated Norwegian Bokmål localization (Lars Christian Schreiner)

    Версия 8.0.2244

    • Maintenance release

    Версия 8.0.2234

    • OneDrive: Added support for shared folders
    • Browsers: Changed how the navigation, preview, details panes are integrated into the browser.
    • Support for Windows 10 Anniversary Update (Version 1607)

    Версия 8.0.2232

    • Reliability and performance improvements.

    Версия 8.0.2230

    • S3: Added Multi part uploads. This is the default for files greater than 100 MB.

    Версия 8.0.2229

    • S3: Added Asia Pacific (Mumbai) region
    • Compiled with Visual Studio 2015 Update 3.

    Версия 8.0.2227

    • Transfer Queue: Multi part transfers no longer write .section files to the file system.

    Версия 8.0.2225

    • S3: Retain date modified, dated created
    • Google Cloud Storage: Retain date modified, dated created
    • Favorites: New dedicated settings page for SSH compression settings
    • Favorites: Removed support for legacy transfer filters
    • UI: Improved OAuth authorization dialog
    • UI: Stricter host name check
    • UI: New implementation for Transfer Queue pane
    • UI: New popup menu implementation in browsers

    Версия 8.0.2221

    • UI: Improved Right-to-Left (RTL) layout.
    • UI: New implementation for Scheduler, File Monitor list controls
    • S3: Added option to use AWS KWS-Managed Keys (SSE-KMS) for server side encryption
    • Refactored logging facility: Remote Browser : Replaced log pane with a more user friendly error view. Logging is no longer always on and must be enabled in the settings.
    • OneDrive: Migrated to new oauth flow. New authorizations for all OneDrive connections must be obtained.

    Версия 8.0.2220

    • Google Drive: Migrated to api v3. Adds ability to synchronize and set last modified time. Improves performance.
    • UI: New implementation for Multi Upload and Source Items panes

    Версия 8.0.2219

    • S3: Added support for Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration
    • S3: Add ability to change bucket policy

    Версия 8.0.2216

    • Added support for Google Cloud Storage
    • Preliminary support for Windows 10 Anniversary Update (Version 1607)

    Версия 7.0.2214

    • UI: New high contrast theme

    Версия 7.0.2206

    • OneDrive: Added ability to create sharing link
    • Added support for 1Password password vault

    Версия 7.0.2205

    • SSH: Added setting for zlib compression level to favorite properties

    Версия 7.0.2202

    • SSH: Added support for ECDSA, Ed25519 PuTTY private key files

    Версия 7.0.2199

    • SSH: Added support for ssh-ext-info (server-sig-algs, no-flow-control)
    • SSH: Added support for rsa-sha2-256 and rsa-sha2-512 (draft-ietf-curdle-rsa-sha2)
    • SSH: Removed hmac-md5
    • Remote Browser: New file conflict dialog implementation
    • UI: New Scheduler pane implementation

    Версия 7.0.2194

    • Transfer Queue: Improved performance of priority list sorter. Hard limit increased to 100'000 items per folder.

    Версия 7.0.2191

    • SSH: hmac-md5 is disabled by default

    Версия 7.0.2190

    • LastPass: Added support for shared folders
    • UI: Windows 8 or higher: New chart control for Speed and Statistics window
    • Added support for OneDrive for Business

    Версия 7.0.2186

    • New Find & Replace results control
    • Browser: New filter bar
    • Remote Browser: New storage properties page
    • Reliability and performance improvements

    Версия 7.0.2170

    • Removed Windows 7 theme because it lacks high DPI support
    • S3: Added support for Standard (Infrequent Access) storage class
    • Support for Windows 10 November Update (Version 1511)
    • Fully themed controls (scroll bar, list and tree controls)

    Версия 6.0.2167

    • New Windows 10 style, high resolution icon set
    • FTPS: RC4 is blocked now, regardless of the OS settings
    • SMTP: RC4 is blocked now, regardless of the OS settings

    Версия 6.0.2163

    • LastPass: Added support for some multifactor authentications (e.g. Google Authenticator)

    Версия 6.0.2155

    • Support for Windows 10 (Version 1507)
    • Compiled with Visual Studio 2015 RTM

    Версия 6.0.2146

    • Maintenance release

    Версия 6.0.2138

    • SSH: Removed umac-64

    Версия 6.0.2137

    • SSH: Deprecated umac-64@openssh.com
    • Replaced Temporary queue pane with Source items pane
    • Transfer Queue: Replaced set timer function with Start Queue and Stop Queue tasks.
    • Favorites: Added import of FlashFXP 5.x sites.
    • New Multi Upload implementation
    • Added new Colorful theme

    Версия 6.0.2133

    • Transfer Queue: New defaults for number of workers. Global number of workers: 16, per favorite number of workers: 2

    Версия 6.0.2128

    • OneDrive implementation uses new OneDrive API
    • Improved contrast for Black theme

    Версия 6.0.2126

    • Terminal: Added new global option: Don't allow remote to change window title
    • Text Editor: Added new option for Smart Highlight: Use bold font for matching braces
    • Replaced Office 2010 themes with new Light Gray and Dark Gray themes
    • Added Black theme

    Версия 6.0.2121

    • SSH: Added support to load new OpenSSH private key files
    • Text Editor: Updated scintilla
    • Text Editor: Added new setting for the default text encoding

    Версия 6.0.2115

    • New high resolution (256 x 256) icon set

    Версия 6.0.2114

    • SSH: Added support for ed25519 host and user keys

    Версия 6.0.2111

    • S3: Support authentication signature version AWS4-HMAC-SHA256

    Версия 6.0.2103

    • SSH: 3DES, RC4, AES-CBC ciphers are disabled by default
    • Text Editor: Add find/replace in selection

    Версия 6.0.2100

    • OneDrive: Added support for resumable uploads
    • Office 2013 Theme: New frame border
    • Google Drive: Added support for resumable uploads

    Версия 6.0.2092

    • Google Drive: Reduced number of server requests when resolving paths
    • Added support for Microsoft OneDrive

    Версия 6.0.2090

    • Terminal: Added xterm extended mouse support
    • To prevent GDI handle exhaustion, the number of open browsers (tabs) is now limited to 32
    • Additional high resolution icons
    • Fixed several minor display issues

    Версия 6.0.2087

    • Fix: Text Editor: Copy didn't put the correct HTML content into the clipboard
    • Updated UI component
    • Terminal: Fix: Fixed a couple of minor drawing issues
    • Changed all urls pointing to smartftp.com to https

    Версия 6.0.2086

    • SSH: Deprecated old and weak ciphers: cast128-cbc, blowfish
    • SSH: Deprecated HMACs: hmac-md5-96, hmac-sha1-96
    • Terminal: Visual bell no longer requires an extra window border
    • Terminal: Support for Direct2D 1.1 which brings fast and high-quality (subpixel) rendering.
    • Windows 7: KB2670838 is now a prerequisite. More Details

    Версия 6.0.2085

    • Fix: Telnet: Disconnect was blocking under some circumstances
    • Text Editor: Updated Scintilla
    • Text Editor: Added support for VS Line Copy: Ctrl+C copies the current line if no text is selected
    • Fix: Windows 7: Transfer Queue: Show log caused catastrophic failure if the log was empty
    • Fix: Favorites: SSH: Export of public key

    Версия 6.0.2084

    • Added check for the case when the Task Scheduler windows service has been disabled
    • Fix: Remote Browser: Fixed several issues with the Permissions dialog
    • Transfer files directly between servers with different protocols. E.g. S3 to Google Drive, or WebDAV to S3

    Версия 6.0.2078

    • Added support for Google Drive
    • Remote Browser: Regression: Fixed bug with preview
    • Self signed certificates are now signed with SHA-256

    Версия 6.0.2071

    • Keyboard shortcuts have changed: Ctrl+I = open favorites, Ctrl+J = copy, Ctrl+Shift+J = move
    • Other unspecified fixes

    Версия 6.0.2069

    • Browser: Focus is no longer lost when browsing with the keyboard
    • Task Scheduler: Added automatic fix up if there is task named "SmartFTP" in the task scheduler's root folder.
    • Updated scintilla
    • Added check whether SmartFTP's shell extensions have "accidentally" been blocked by the user.
    • Windows 7: Added check for KB2533623 (superseded by KB2758857)
    • Task Scheduler: Windows 8 / 2012: Added workaround for bug in Windows Task Scheduler
    • Internal: Refactored url parsing/builder
    • Internal: LastPass, KeepPass, Activation switched to new http client

    Версия 6.0.2064

    • Updated German translation

    Версия 6.0.2059

    • Text Editor: Corrected line height and antialiasing
    • Text Editor: Support for Direct2D 1.1 which brings high-quality rendering. To take advantage of Direct2D 1.1 on Windows 7 install the Platform Update
    • New Task Scheduler which supersedes the legacy scheduler
    • Internal: New file monitor
    • Disabled Ident server settings dialog. Feature scheduled for removal

    Версия 6.0.2058

    • Text Editor: Switched from GDI to DirectWrite renderer

    Версия 6.0.2053

    • New glyphs for check marks, triangle, drop down arrow, overflow arrows, pin, close
    • Layout proportions are correctly adjusted
    • WebDAV: XmlLite is now used to parse the responses
    • Fix: Remote Browser: File operation wasn't walking into sub folders during manual folder merge

    Версия 6.0.2052

    • Windows 7: Added check for SP1 in setup
    • Windows 8: Office 2013 is now the default theme for new installations
    • Text Editor: Added support for Notepad++'s language and style files. KB: How to use Notepad++ config files
    • FTP: Added MVS path type to force the client to always send MVS path styles
    • S3: XmlLite is now used to parse the responses
    • Internal: Serializer for all config files uses XmlLite now
    • Internal: Replaced debug file logging with ETW provider
    • Cleanup: Removed import of legacy history files (history.dat)

    Версия 6.0.2049

    • Browsers: Minor fixes when grid lines are enabled
    • Remote Browser: Folder replace confirmation is now always displayed
    • Fix: Transfer Queue: Hidden files were ignored
    • Transfer Queue: Improved read/write performance of items file. (Replaced MSXML with XmlLite)
    • Scheduler: Improved read/write performance of data file (Replaced MSXML with XmlLite)
    • Favorites: Improved read performance of favorites (Replaced MSXML with XmlLite)

    Версия 6.0.2045

    • Added File Explorer frequent list to Local Browser menu
    • Fix: Database logger
    • Fix: Regression: Grid lines in browser views
    • Fix: Synchronized browsing for certain locations

    Версия 6.0.2042

    • Browsers: Added Content view mode.
    • Visual Compare now works in all view and group modes.
    • Fix: Regression: Transfer Queue: Synchronize: One way with Delete
    • Updated scintilla
    • Internal: Separated Scheduler from Transfer Queue

    Версия 6.0.2040

    • Fix: Regression: Remote Browser: Permissions dialog was not initialized correctly
    • Transfer Queue: The parent destination folder is no longer automatically created. The transfer will fail if the parent destination folder does not exist.

    Версия 6.0.2039

    • Favorite Properties: SSH - Authentication page: Added wizard to import a private key file into the Windows certificate store.
    • Fix: Remote Browser: Move operation was fully enumerating the folder.
    • Fix: Windows 7: Workaround for crash bug in ole32 that was caused when a favorite with a corresponding history item was deleted

    Версия 6.0.2037

    • S3: Added Copy Url for HTTP, HTTPS and torrent
    • S3: Added S3 property page to the property sheet which shows the bucket location, storage class, encryption, versioning
    • Fix: S3: Rename of folder was broken
    • S3: Rename does now maintain storage class, encryption and acl
    • Remote Browser: Improved handling for servers not returning a file size. E.g. Fotki Photos-thru-FTP Engine 2.2

    Версия 6.0.2036

    • Fix: Ascii filters did not apply for uploads
    • Fix: The passphrase prompt did never show
    • S3: Added Permission dialog to manage Access Control List (acl)
    • Fix: WebDAV: Fixed problem with empty folder listing

    Версия 6.0.2030

    • Favorites UI: Added CTCP note to Performance dialog
    • Windows 7: LastPass, KeePass: Added support for TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2
    • Fix: Quick find highlight
    • Transfer Queue: Folder contents are no longer cached
    • Remote Browser: If the use automatic rule as the default file exist action is selected, folders are no longer enumerated.
    • Remote Browser: New option in the Settings - Interface dialog which specifies how the remote browser layout is saved.

    Версия 6.0.2029

    • Fix: Ascii filters were ignored
    • Multi Upload pane: Redesigned UI elements.
    • Browser: Details pane is themed (Office 2013) now
    • Transfer Queue: Added database logger (Ultimate edition with Logger addon)
    • Transfer Queue: New plugin architecture

    Версия 6.0.2026

    • Updated Turkish translation
    • Transfer Queue: Added file logger (Ultimate edition with Logger addon)

    Версия 6.0.2024

    • Settings: Filter Sets: Internal: Removed extra save & copy operations
    • Favorite Properties: Removed description for file exist rules
    • Favorite Properties: Filter: Improved usability of edit conditions dialog
    • Favorite Properties: Removed edit button for ascii and priority list controls
    • Fix: Favorites: Windows 8: Incorrect icon for Edit Default Favorite
    • Fix: Edit Favorites: Create shortcut command was broken
    • Various other unspecified fixes of minor bugs
    • Fix: FTP: Upload failed when compression was enabled
    • Fix: Windows 7: Transfer speed for uploads was limited when CTCP was disabled

    Версия 6.0.2021

    • Improved Office 2013 theme: key accelerators, pane tab buttons
    • FTP: Improved parser performance
    • Remote Browser: Refresh / F5 is now reloading the file listing from the server

    Версия 6.0.2019

    • Improved Office 2013 theme: flat borders, check box controls, check marks in menus, context menu shadows
    • Fix: Windows 8.1: Drag&Drop to Transfer Queue pane
    • Internal: Added assembly dependencies to component manifests
    • Internal: Replaced legacy memory dc with new buffered paint functionality
    • Updated Dutch localization

    Версия 6.0.2017

    • Updated Office 2013 theme
    • Fix: Serv-U returns incorrect value in Win32.ea property
    • Fix: Incorrect behavior when entering a path to a file into the address input box
    • Fix: Telnet
    • Windows 7: Workaround for systems where KB2533623 has not been installed
    • Fix: Backspace in shell view

    Версия 6.0.2015

    • Fix: Draw issues if the taskbar is attached to the left side of the screen
    • Fix: Uninitialized variable caused various issues
    • Fix: Freeze when Sync navigation and Link browser was enabled
    • Fix: Remote Browser: View

    Версия 6.0.2012

    • Fix: Remote Browser: Various issues with folder redirection and navigation pane
    • Fix: Transfer Queue: Multi part transfers using the FTP protocol
    • Fix: Transfer Queue: Removed unnecessary parent folder resolution during upload
    • Fix: Password Recovery Tool: Failed to run on 32-bit platform
    • Fix: Log Control: Set font
    • Remote Browser: New Copy Url function in ribbon
    • Updated Italian localization

    Версия 6.0.2009

    • Fix: Windows 8: Remote Browser: Open with... and "make default association"
    • Settings: Single instance is now enabled by default
    • Fix: Remote Browser: Upload failed to queue the items under some circumstances

    Версия 6.0.2008

    • Fix: Crash when creating a new connection through the login bar
    • Better fail-over mechanism for invalid initial paths. Initial paths have to be absolute (starting with a /)

    Версия 6.0.2007

    • Fix: Quick Search
    • Fix: Favorite Browser: New favorite
    • Fix: Remote Browser: Item check boxes
    • Fix: Remote Browser: Edit (once again)

    Версия 6.0.2006

    • Fix: WebDAV
    • Fix: Remote Browser: Edit
    • Fix: Favorites Browser: Favorite name change was not always reflected in the view
    • Remote Browser: Added Open With... context menu if there are no file associations

    Версия 6.0.2002

    • Fix: Remote Browser: Bookmarks
    • Fix: Windows 8.1: Preview pane
    • Fix: Preview pane state was not restored
    • Fix: Remote Browser: Double click was broken when the "[x] Use check boxes to select items" option was enabled.

    Версия 6.0.2003

    • Fix: Remote Browser: Unix group, owner
    • Fix: Remote Browser: Edit
    • Fix: Multi-part downloads