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Transfer Queue FAQ

Q: The Transfer Queue does not start.
A: Click on the blue play button (looks like a play button of your CD player) in the Transfer Queue's window toolbar.

Q: I repeatedly have to start the Transfer Queue.
A: Go to the menu: Tools -> Settings. Then go to the Queue dialog and set the On Application Start option to Remember Last State. And set the On Queue Complete option to Idle.

Q: I want to disable the animation when adding something to the Transfer Queue
A: Go to the menu: Tools -> Settings. Then go to the Interface dialog and uncheck the [ ] Show Transfer Queue animation option.

Q: How to automatically use the file exist rules instead of file exist dialog?
A: Go to the favorite settings. menu: Favorites -> Edit Favorites. Locate your favorite. Right-click on it then select Properties from the context menu. Then go to the Transfer -> File Exist dialog. Set the first option to Use Automatic Rules.
If you want to change the default behavior change the option in the default favorite: Go to the menu: Tools -> Settings. Then in the General -> Favorites dialog click on Edit button in the Default Favorite section.

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