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Created 18 Apr 2009
Modified 03 Jun 2014

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How To run SmartFTP as a service

This article shows how to run SmartFTP as "a service". As "a service" means that no user interaction is required to start SmartFTP and there is also no requirement that a user must be currently logged on to the computer.
For this purpose a new task is create in the built-in task scheduler facility in Microsoft Windows. The task can then be configured to run at a specific time or as in this case when the computer starts. Following the step-by-step instructions on how to create and configure this task:

  1. Click on the Control Panel 
  2. Select Administrative Tools
  3. Select Task Scheduler
  4. Select the Task Scheduler Library in the tree on the left side
  5. Click on Create Task... on the right side
  6. In the General tab enter a name for your task. e.g. SmartFTP
  7. In the Security options select Run whether user is logged on or not
  8. If you want to run the task under a different user click on the Change User or Group... button
  9. Select the Triggers tab
  10. In the Trigger tab click on New...
  11. In the New Trigger dialog set the Begin task to At startup if you want to run the task when the computer starts
  12. Click OK to close the New Trigger dialog
  13. Select the Actions tab
  14. In the Actions tab click on New...
  15. In the New Action dialog set the Action to Start a program if this is not the case yet
  16. In the Program/script input box select the SmartFTP.exe file located in the "%programfiles%\SmartFTP Client" folder using the Browse... button. Leave the other input fields empty
  17. Click OK to close the New Action dialog
  18. Click OK to close the Create Task dialog


Close SmartFTP after the transfer queue has been processed

  1. Start SmartFTP
  2. Go to the menu: File - Settings
  3. Select the Queue settings dialog
  4. Set the On Queue Complete option to Close Application
  5. Click OK


  1. You need a valid license for the Professional Edition (or higher), otherwise SmartFTP is stuck at the trial dialog and the scheduled transfers will not start.
  2. Do not manually close SmartFTP. SmartFTP must be running at all time for the scheduled tasks to run. You can minimize SmartFTP to the system tray instead. Go to the menu: Tools -Settings then in the Interface dialog.

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